Danesfield Parents' Association

Danesfield Manor School

Danesfield Parents' Association

The DPA (Danesfield Parents' Association) serves a different purpose to the School Parent Council.

The Danesfield Parents' Association exists to foster closer links and a sense of community between the parents, teachers, staff and children of the Danesfield Manor School. We do this by organising a range of social events throughout the school year for parents, staff and children. These events raise funds to provide extra equipment, resources and activities for the children, over and above that which the school are expected to provide, to enhance the experience of the children attending Danesfield Manor School.

Tickets for all DPA events can be bought from our dedicated Events website:


To register your child against a specific class list you will need a password.  Please contact your class rep for details.

All parents of Danesfield Manor School children are automatically members of the Danesfield Parents' Association.

We also have the valued support of a local estate agents James Neave who have been very generous in supporting our events.