Values and Growth Mindset

Danesfield Manor School

Values and Growth Mindset

The school’s motto, ‘non progredi est regredi’, means ‘not to go forward is to go backwards’. It is our aim that all children at our school will be motivated, enquiring and enthusiastic to learn and achieve.

non progredi est regredi

School Motto

We hold education and growth mindset at our core, supporting and nurturing our pupils as they begin their
journey through learning and self-discovery.


Each month we focus on a value which is shared through assembly and in our curriculum. We encourage everyone to model the behaviour of our values in and out of school.

The values we explore at Danesfield on a two-year cycle are: Aspire, Rule of Law, Happiness and Enjoyment, Love, Cooperation, Freedom, Care and Compassion, Democracy, Excellence, Respect, Giving, Tolerance, Friendship, Belonging, Responsibility, Trust and Honesty.

Growth Mindset

We follow Dr. Carol Dweck's approach, on Growth Mindset, who is a researcher at Stanford University.

Our pupils learn to tackle challenges using our Growth Mindset approach; their resilience becomes stronger and their ability to cope with real life situations is another important part of our teaching and learning. With determination and respect, our pupils will go on to shape the world!

In a fixed mindset pupils believe their basic abilities, their intelligence, their talents are just fixed traits.  In a growth mindset, pupils understand that their talents and abilities can be developed through effort, great teaching and persistence.

-Carol Dweck, Stanford University