Art, Music & Drama

Danesfield Manor School

Art, Music & Drama

At Danesfield Manor School, Art is a subject area that forms part of an integrated curriculum, along with design, music and drama.

There are many opportunities to link with not only the Humanities but also possibilities to link with Mathematics and Science. Children will make connections between one area of learning and another and so extend their understanding.


We aim to challenge children by exposing them to new ideas, stimuli and materials and to develop their personal problem-solving skills.

Art lessons offer children a new way to explore the world around them. Art is an additional language, a visual one, that provides another means by which children can express their ideas and process their thoughts.
In the designated art room children will learn the five main skills for making art: drawing, painting, collage, printing and sculpture. During the school year there are numerous art showcase and creative cross curriculum opportunities for the children to engage with. Highlights include prop making for the school play, art competitions, gallery visits and outdoor art projects.



All our children participate in a wide range of musical experiences.

Weekly music workshops include lively singing, percussion, composition and appreciation sessions. All children learn to play the recorder in Years 2 and 3 and are encouraged to select additional instruments to learn individually or in small groups.

There are opportunities to play in groups from duets to the Danesfield Manor Orchestra. Children in both lower and upper phases are offered the opportunity to sing and perform as part of the junior and senior school choirs.


From the early years upwards, we give children the chance to shine in our annual dramatic productions. All our performances are produced to the highest possible standards, with the upper phase children taking on responsibilities for front of house, lighting, scenery and costumes.

All children have the opportunity to perform and act. We offer elocution lessons to encourage confidence when speaking in public.