English, Maths & Science

Danesfield Manor School

English, Maths & Science

At Danesfield Manor School, we focus on the three core areas of learning to prepare our pupils for the 11+ taken in Year 6.  These are Literacy & Language, Numeracy and Science. You can discover more about these subjects below.

Literacy & Language

At Danesfield Manor School, we place language and literacy at the centre of our learning.

We strongly believe that reading is essential in supporting our aim.  Beginning with the development of reading, our children are taught how the written word is decoded and how words work.  It is imperative that they continue to build their vocabulary alongside this in order to ensure their understanding of language is constantly moving forward.  As children build their confidence, we encourage them to question and challenge ideas and look beyond the text they read.   We encourage a balanced approach to the development of reading that takes into consideration the need for a well-developed and broad understanding of vocabulary, alongside the importance of developing a lifelong love of reading for pleasure. 

We also believe that pupils should be taught to communicate their ideas and emotions to others both clearly and precisely.  Our aim, therefore, is to promote high standards of literacy through the development of the skills they need to express themselves both orally and in writing. 

We feel that it is essential that our pupils develop these important skills in order to gain the most form their learning and to go on to participate fully as a member of society.



At Danesfield we recognise that Mathematics is a fundamental aspect of life.

It develops the children’s ability and self-confidence to think, reason and solve problems in unfamiliar contexts and to model real-life scenarios. Children are taught according to their ability thus creating a sense of achievement as they actively participate in the process of learning of mathematics.

There is a strong emphasis on developing children’s mental arithmetic from an early stage for them to be able to solve practical mathematical problems. Emphasis is also given to cross-curricular teaching which should enable the pupils to realise the relevance and usefulness of mathematics within other subjects.


Science at Danesfield provides the foundations for understanding the world through the disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics.

We aim:

  • to develop pupils' enjoyment and interest in science;
  • to develop pupils' understanding of key scientific concepts and scientific skills;
  • to ensure that pupils understand the relevance of what it is that they are learning.

We aspire to produce pupils who have a natural curiosity and develop a sense of excitement about natural phenomena, and who can also use their gained knowledge and understanding to explain what is occurring, make predictions and analyse successfully.

It is important for our pupils to use scientific vocabulary and work practically, using a variety of research methods including books and ICT to cover the programme of study during their time with us.