ICT, Humanities & RE

Danesfield Manor School

ICT, Humanities & RE

The future of technology, the importance of our history, exploring the world and understanding people's faith and ideas.


Computers are now at the heart of almost any career and understanding how to use them is incredibly important. With this in mind we now see the use of computers as an integral part of the whole curriculum rather than an isolated subject as.

We also continue to teach ICT skills to all from Year 1 in weekly scheduled lessons as a way to increase this knowledge and understanding, so our children are best prepared for the future and the evolution of technology.

Word processing and graphic skills are acquired early, to enable children to produce work of a high standard for wall displays and projects. Each year group has a class computer and an interactive whiteboard. A bank of laptops is available for whole class teaching.


We celebrate learning in our Humanities lessons with an interesting programme of study of both History and Geography.

The children develop an understanding of their environment, of people past and present. They become aware of the diversity of different land and cultures developing knowledge and empathy.

This is achieved not only using formal lessons but with a practical, creative, cross-curricular approach. We use Art, Drama and Music as well as regular study field trips to bring these subjects to life.

Religious Education

Our main focus in Religious Education is on Christian Bible stories, through which we teach moral foundations of love, giving and respect which permeate our school ethos and community.

Christian festivals are celebrated with Nativities performed in Early Years and KS1 - Lower Phase, a school Carol Service in a local church and an outdoor Easter bonnet parade.  

We are fortunate to have many cultures represented in our school and encourage empathy, tolerance and understanding between different religions by learning about how our friends celebrate their festivals and express their faith.  Once a week our religious assemblies are followed up with discussion and work in class.