Physical education

Danesfield Manor School

Physical education

We are very proud of the wide range of sporting activities and opportunities offered to the children.

Our younger years at school are taught basic coordination strategies, movement and ball skills required to build a range of skills required for a wide range of sport. The way in which we teach this is through sports such as gymnastics, dance, fitness, football and netball.

 It is extremely important that all children have the opportunity to experience a wide range of sports and live a healthy active lifestyle all the way from nursery all the way through to Year Six.

As the children progress through the school, they will experience sports such as football, rugby, hockey and netball in the autumn and spring term. During the summer term the children will do sports such as athletics, cricket, rounder’s, ultimate Frisbee and tennis. Throughout the school year fitness lessons will be taught once a week to provide the children with a good level of fitness throughout their time at Danesfield with the hope this will continue once they have left Danesfield. Children will regularly participate in competitive fixtures against other local schools and independent Schools association competitions.


Our on-site swimming pool allows the children to have at least 1 hour of swimming built into their timetable from as early as 3 years old. Many of our pupils are selected and invited to attend the Bronze, Silver and Gold squad clubs and enjoy our inter-house competitions and galas.

Extra Curricular

There are also many opportunities to join our additional after-school clubs which are arranged from age to interest. Our unique water-skills, water-polo and synchronised swimming clubs provide an exciting alternative to gaining confidence in the water.