PSHEE & Philosophy

Danesfield Manor School

PSHEE & Philosophy

Communication, Healthy Minds and Assitance with learning are all incredibly important subjects to help nurture a growing child. Our PSHEE and Philosophy programmes are designed to help in this area.


Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHEE), is a cross-curricular subject which allows for the development of communication. Through these lessons, the children build on respect for each other whereby healthy positive relationships can flourish.

Children can develop social skills, acquire interpersonal relationship skills, increase awareness of their feelings and become more responsible for their behaviour.


The opportunity to exercise thinking skills and learn how to structure thinking is of vital importance in today’s society.

It is no longer sufficient for students to demonstrate an ability to recall information and pass tests. It is the creative application of that learning which demonstrates a student’s ability most eloquently.

At Danesfield Manor School all pupils are involved in the philosophical debate through our excellent Life Skills programme, developing vocabulary and communication skills which enable them to articulate their thinking clearly. In addition, pupils are involved in practical problem-solving activities, developing team work and negotiation skills as well applying the skills they have learned in other areas of the curriculum.