School Trips

Danesfield Manor School

School Trips

All pupils are involved in educational visits from the age of four. These trips effectively link classroom learning to the real world and the wider community.

We see residential trips as an important part of our children’s education, encouraging independence and developing trust between teachers and pupils.

The children themselves often make new friends and learn new respect for one another. Trips overseas enable our oldest pupils the opportunity to practise their language skills and explore the cultures and traditions of our neighbours.

Residential Trip

One of the ways we develop a child’s confidence and intelligence is through our annual trip to an outdoor residential activity centre. This is not an optional extra but an essential part of the curriculum which improves children’s performance and confidence back in the classroom. Academic intelligence is of paramount importance, but it is just one of the intelligences that needs to be developed if a child is to achieve their full potential.

All the children visit this unique outdoor centre, blending a rare breeds farm with a series of age appropriate and challenging outdoor experiences. The centre is modern, finished to a high standard and facilitates the children taking part in a large number of different outdoor, educational and adventure activities. Reception class visit for the day but all other year groups stay overnight building up as they get older. Year 5 get the opportunity to sleep in tents, and Yr 6 take part in Survival Extreme creating their own campsite for the night.