Pastoral care

Danesfield Manor School

Pastoral care

Every class at our school is represented on the School Council which meets half-termly to discuss development and new initiatives. In addition to addressing school-based issues the School Council annually chooses and supports a charity, leading on fund-raising events and communicating projects to the wider school community.

The children are encouraged to listen to each other and decide together on the choices to be made. The children follow a Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHEE) which enables them to develop speaking and listening skills and the capacity to make reasoned judgements. Speakers are invited into school to enhance this programme.

We are very aware of the special needs of both gifted and talented and those with varying degrees of learning difficulty.

We have systems in place to monitor pupil progress enabling us to quickly identify a child who may be experiencing some difficulties or may need extra challenges within a subject. We offer extension and support teaching within our school setting, liaising with parents and specialist teachers to ensure continued development.

We are proud of our family atmosphere, and welcome parents as a valuable part of that family. Each class has its own Parent Representative who ensures that the lines of communication between school and home are kept open. Many parents also help with reading or trips off site and the Social Committee organises regular social events suitable for parents and families.

Caring for the Whole Child

Our school family is made up of children of different abilities, backgrounds, beliefs and cultures. We aim to enable all children to reach their potential in an atmosphere where they are taught that friendship and respect are valued. As our communication with parents is regular and our door is always open, to maintain this ethos of equal opportunities and good relationships is straightforward.

Your Child's Health

We take the health of our pupils very seriously and always endeavour to identify changes relating to their health whilst at school. We encourage parents to pay close attention to any changes in their health.

Controlling Infection in Schools

Class Sizes

Class sizes are below average and children are treated as individuals with their own needs being met as required. Children’s achievement is recognised in all areas of social, creative and academic learning. Formal reports are sent home termly but parent meetings, both planned and ad hoc, provide for a continuous dialogue between home and school.