Danesfield Manor School


Monitoring & Management of Learning

Pupils' attainment and progress is closely monitored using GL Assessments, Headstart (English) assessments and White Rose (Maths) assessments and a pupil online tracking tool called Educater.  Teacher assessment, (which is backed up by pupil testing) enables the School to monitor every pupil in their English and Maths thoroughly.  The information we obtain from each pupil is recorded, reviewed and monitored regularly to enable the teachers to identify and address the individual needs of each child and support them accordingly.  The data we obtain on every pupil enables the School to support and guide the individual families in choosing the right senior school for their child.  All pupils have a talent, we help our pupils find their talents and gently encourage and support them to achieve their full potential, e.g. some of our pupils who are particularly strong in maths have been chosen to take part in external maths challenges against other local schools of which they have thoroughly enjoyed.  

Supporting Children with Additional Needs

For most children, this may be a simple ‘catch up’ session in a small group with a member of our 'Supporting Success Team' alongside their classmates or a little support in lessons to fill any gaps they may have in their understanding or address any misconceptions they may have. 

For those with more complex learning needs, we have a number of support systems in place.  If you are concerned about your child’s learning, we would suggest meeting with the class teacher to discuss your worries.  The class teacher or SENCo may observe your child over several sessions and, where needed, an Individual Support Programme (ISP) may be required.  Our SENCo is happy to recommend strategies and programmes to work with your child, both in school and at home. 

Specialist Teacher

Mrs Cresswell is our one to one literacy support teacher offering individualised programmes to address learning difficulties such as literacy acquisition (reading, writing and spelling), motor skills and Speech and Language. Mrs Cresswell is an experienced Reading Recovery practitioner and has a Dyslexia Diploma, enabling her to offer specialist dyslexia tuition.

Our goal is to develop self-awareness, independence and a growth mindset for all children. This is achieved by teaching in a multi-sensory, structured and cumulative way – targeting your child’s individual needs and encouraging them to play a conscious role in their learning using metacognitive strategies.

If you are concerned about your child’s learning needs or feel your child will benefit from specialist support please contact us.  We are always happy to discuss informally without obligation.

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