The small school with a big personality

An independent school for pupils aged 2 to 11 years. Walton-on-Thames, Surrey.

Danesfield Manor School

Danesfield Manor School is a Nursery and Preparatory School in Walton-on-Thames for children aged 2 to 11 years old.

It is important to us at Danesfield that all our pupils are happy.  If your child is happy and loves coming to school, it makes everyone's lives a whole lot easier.  Parents can go to work knowing their child is happy and teachers can develop, encourage and guide the learning with the pupils.  We focus on a different school value every month.  Our school values are displayed in every room around the school and pupils and staff are expected to live by them.  By the time our Year 6 pupils leave us to begin their senior school adventures, they really do understand what our 16 values mean and are able to talk about them with confidence.  

We also base our teaching and learning using a Growth Mindset approach.  We change our language slightly so that when pupils (and staff) face a challenge, we remind one another that they, 'just can't do it YET'.  This magic three letter word at the end of the sentence allows us to believe that we WILL be able to overcome the challenge but may have to put something in place first e,g, ask a friend/adult or break the challenge down so that we can achieve the small steps first.     

We like our pupils to be independent and to strive for 'excellence'.  If we can mold your child to be independent, intrinsically motivated, confident and proud at such a young age, we have equipped them with strategies, skills and attitudes that will undoubtedly stay with them for many years beyond Danesfield.        

Please click on the following link and enjoy reading more about who we are and what we do from the school's latest inspection report:  ISI Inspection Report 2022




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What people say...

Working at Danesfield Manor school is great - the children are so enthusiastic about their learning, and there's always something interesting and different going on.


We are particularly impressed with how accessible and comprehensive the leadership and teachers are to both children and parents. Thank you for all you do.


He has absolutely loved his time at Danesfield - the best move we ever made for him. It’s been wonderful for us to watch his confidence grow in his time with you and his approach to his work and any challenges presented to him improve daily. The opportunities that the school have given him to explore his talents and interests will, we are sure, stay with him for years to come.


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