About Danesfield Manor School 

Rated Excellent in all areas, 
ISI July 2022

Danesfield Manor School is an independent school for pupils aged 2 to 11 years in Walton on Thames, Surrey.

Sited in and around a Victorian house in Walton on Thames, Surrey, the school promotes traditional values in support of a complete education. It combines small class sizes and individual attention with a teaching approach that motivates children to be excited about learning. Our children obtain places at some of the best independent schools in the area, we work with parents to find the right place for each child.

We believe in the value of differentiated learning and the development of the whole child. We work with children to help them realise their potential. If a child proves to be a very high achiever academically or shows a particular talent in sport, art or music they will be encouraged to apply for a scholarship when applying to senior school. We are very proud of our children who have been offered Academic, Sport and Art Scholarships in recent years.

We would encourage you to contact us to arrange a tour with Mrs Smith, Head Teacher, to experience the Danesfield warmth for yourself. 

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History of Danesfield


In the early 1920s, Constance Brabner, the widow of the Manager of Barclays Bank in Walton-on-Thames, initiated a small junior school within her Edwardian house, 'Danesfield.' Situated by the Halfway railway bridge, the school started on two acres of land.


Around 1930, a significant development occurred with the construction of a large hall onto the second house, known as the school house. This addition facilitated the staging of excellent plays produced by Mrs. Mary Fitz-Hugh. The original house, serving as the boarders' house and Mrs. Brabner's residence, was combined with the school house and the new hall through the addition of three more classrooms.

World War II Era (1939-1940):

As World War II erupted in 1939, Mrs. Brabner, then in her 80s, felt compelled to retire. Consequently, the school was sold to Miss McPherson. Despite initial challenges, the school's spirit endured.


Responding to local demand, Danesfield Preparatory School was officially established in 1940 under the leadership of Miss McPherson.

Post-World War II Era:

After the war, the school continued to flourish. Senior students, guided by the beloved teacher Miss Violet Connolly, were relocated to an upper attic storey, forming a new school named "Sarum." Meanwhile, junior students found a temporary home under the care of Miss Audrey Kaye and Miss Quartermain in the upper floor of another parent's house.

Mid-20th Century:

In the post-war years, both branches of the school faced challenges and relocated multiple times. Eventually, Sarum found its place in Sir Stanley Machin's former home, 'Cleves,' in Oatlands Chase.

Later Years:

Miss Kaye, maintaining the school's original name, settled Danesfield in its current location in Rydens Avenue. The school, with support from parents, purchased the property. After a successful tenure, Miss Connolly retired at the age of 90, leaving behind a thriving institution. The school underwent changes with different principals overseeing its growth and success.

Danesfield Manor School Era:

The institution evolved into Danesfield Manor School, beginning as Danesfield Preparatory School in 1940. It became renowned for maintaining high standards and fostering a caring atmosphere, earning a reputation as a sought-after school with an excellent relationship between parents and staff.

Following several leadership changes, the property was eventually sold for development. Sarum, after a period of flourishing, sadly closed its doors. However, Danesfield Manor School continued its legacy, offering quality education and maintaining strong connections with its community.

Joining the Inspired Learning Group

Danesfield Manor School joined the Inspired Learning Group in 2021. Since then, under the leadership of Mrs Smith and her dedicated staff, it has continued has continued to thrive and grow in numbers. The school has a fantastic reputation locally and shares its facilities, such as the swimming pool, to support the local community in Walton on Thames.