Achievements and Results 

11+ Results at Danesfield Manor School

Whilst we are proud of our academic standards, our holistic approach, means we aim to embrace and encourage the talent of each individual in all areas of our curriculum.

After Danesfield   

A significant number of our pupils sit independent school entrance exams as well as 11+ (Common entrance) exams for grammar schools. With numerous scholarships offered to Danesfield pupils each year, the overwhelming majority of our pupils get into their first choice of senior school. 

Senior Schools

Due to our location and proximity to Surrey, Buckinghamshire and London the majority of our leavers head to Sir William Perkins’s School, Guildford High School (GHS), Reeds, Royal Grammar School (RGS), Manor House, Halliford Boys School, St James School, Box Hill, Kingswood House School, Cobham Free School and Esher High School to name just a few, however, all senior schools say they are delighted to receive Danesfield Manor children. A further list of recent leavers' destinations can be viewed below. 

Senior Schools Information Evening

As Danesfield is a standalone school and not linked to a specific secondary school, our Headteacher, Mrs Smith is able to share her knowledge and experience and to give advice to help parents when choosing the next school for their child. We also host a Senior Schools Information evening in the Spring Term whereby visiting secondary schools come to Danesfield to answer questions and show their particular school facilities to our parents and carers for the evening. This is always a very popular event in the school calendar.

Preparing for Senior School

At Danesfield Manor School, the process of preparing for senior schools and the 11+ examination is thoughtfully designed to foster academic excellence and personal growth. Recognising the significance of the transition to senior education, the school provides a comprehensive and supportive environment for Year 5 and 6 pupils undergoing the 11+ preparation. With a focus on core subjects such as English, mathematics, and verbal reasoning, our pupils are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their examinations. Beyond academics, Danesfield Manor School places emphasis on developing well-rounded individuals, encouraging critical thinking, creativity, and effective communication. We ensure that pupils not only succeed in their 11+ examinations but also embark on their journey to senior schools with confidence, resilience, independence and a passion for lifelong learning.

Senior School Destinations

Independent Schools

Claremont Fan Court School

Halliford School

Lady Eleanor Holles School

Notre Dame School

Radnor House School

Reeds School

St George's College

St James Senior Boys School

St Teresa's School

Sir William Perkins's School

Surbiton High School

State Schools

Cobham Free School

Esher High School

Heathside School

Hinchley Wood School

Thamesmead School

Three Rivers Academy

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