The Danesfield Curriculum 

Preparing our pupils for the future

To prepare the citizens of tomorrow we must consider the world in which our children will live. It is essential that we build into our education programme opportunities to develop the intelligences and skills they will need.

We do not follow a conventional school timetable: it would be impossible to fit in all that we need.

Instead we devote our mornings primarily to mathematics and English studies and our afternoons to more practical lessons, with information and communication technology used as a tool in every subject. We supplement this with a wide range of before-school and after-school clubs so that children with a particular interest or talent can follow their pursuits to a much higher level. We offer modern languages, sport, swimming, music and art clubs. Every child can enjoy a very full and active day every day.

All main areas of learning follow the National Curriculum guidelines, but have the freedom to include more detail, breadth and interest in the schemes of work.

Curriculum Highlights

English, Maths and Science

At Danesfield Manor School, the core subjects of English, Maths, and Science form the foundation of a robust and holistic education. Together, these core subjects create a well-rounded academic experience, preparing students for success in their educational journey and beyond.


We celebrate learning in our Humanities lessons with an interesting programme of study of both History and Geography.

The children develop an understanding of their environment, of people past and present. They become aware of the diversity of different land and cultures developing knowledge and empathy.

This is achieved not only using formal lessons but with a practical, creative, cross-curricular approach. We use Art, Drama and Music as well as regular study field trips to bring these subjects to life.


Art lessons offer children a new way to explore the world around them. Art is an additional language, a visual one, that provides another means by which children can express their ideas and process their thoughts.

In the designated art room children will learn the five main skills for making art: drawing, painting, collage, printing and sculpture. During the school year there are numerous art showcase and creative cross curriculum opportunities for the children to engage with. Highlights include prop making for the school play, art competitions, gallery visits and outdoor art projects.


From the early years upwards, we give children the chance to shine in our annual dramatic productions. All our performances are produced to the highest possible standards, with the upper phase children taking on responsibilities for front of house, lighting, scenery and costumes.

All children have the opportunity to perform and act.


All children learn to play the recorder in Years 2 and 3 and are encouraged to select additional instruments to learn individually or in small groups.

There are opportunities to play in groups from duets to the Danesfield Manor Orchestra. Children in both lower and upper phases are offered the opportunity to sing and perform as part of the junior and senior school choirs.


Our aim at Danesfield Manor is to foster pupils’ curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world through language teaching. We begin by introducing French to all children in Lower Phase (KS1) and continue by teaching Spanish throughout the Upper Phase (KS2). Immersion in these two important languages, combined with explicit teaching of the skills required for language acquisition, will ensure the children are ready for whatever language they go on to study at secondary school.

Physical Education

As the children progress through the school, they will experience sports such as football, rugby, hockey and netball in the autumn and spring term. During the summer term the children will do sports such as athletics, cricket, rounder’s, ultimate Frisbee and tennis. Throughout the school year fitness lessons will be taught once a week to provide the children with a good level of fitness throughout their time at Danesfield with the hope this will continue once they have left Danesfield. Children will regularly participate in competitive fixtures against other local schools and independent Schools association competitions.

Find out about our swimming pool here.


Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE), is a cross-curricular subject which allows for the development of communication. Through these lessons, the children build on respect for each other whereby healthy positive relationships can flourish.


At Danesfield Manor School all pupils are involved in the philosophical debate through our excellent Life Skills programme, developing vocabulary and communication skills which enable them to articulate their thinking clearly. In addition, pupils are involved in practical problem-solving activities, developing team work and negotiation skills as well applying the skills they have learned in other areas of the curriculum.

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