Life at Danesfield Manor 

The learning environment

Danesfield Manor School offers a vibrant and holistic environment to learn in, where pupils are challenged and engaged in a range of intellectual, ethical, philosophical and social ways.

Whilst achieving the highest academic and cultural attainments is a key part of our ethos, we are fully committed to nurturing each pupil’s emotional, moral, physical development and wellbeing. We ensure that all pupils are given the opportunity to discover and cultivate their own personal interests, hone their views of the world and develop meaningful relationships.

Growth Mindset

Underpinning all of the above is our focus on growth mindset which refers to a way of thinking, learning and taking on challenges. A person with a growth mindset is open to constructive criticism, takes feedback and uses it, takes on new challenges, pushes themselves outside of their comfort zone and shows resilience and perseverance.

Studies show that it is people with a growth mindset (as opposed to a fixed mindset) who achieve in life, are successful in all they do and are happy. Of course, this is exactly what we want for all our children.

We encourage independent thinking and exploration; our aim is to draw out and develop that individual talent, whatever field that may be, within an environment that is warm, passionate and inspiring.

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