Danesfield Manor School


During KS1 - Lower Phase years, we ensure that children are equipped with the tools and confidence to achieve in all areas of school life. We understand it’s important to have fun whilst learning – ensuring there is a strong emphasis on early development of basic skills in reading, writing and maths.

From the start of their time at Danesfield Manor School, children are supported as individuals.

We ensure they develop at their own pace, being nurtured and supported by caring, professional staff. We are proud to have created a culture and framework that enables all children to fulfil their full potential in a happy, positive environment.

Building on the solid foundations set in Lower Phase (KS1), Upper Phase (KS2) focuses on developing the eagerness to learn and encourages a spirit of independence. In these years, our aim is to help produce confident and well-rounded individuals, whilst ensuring them the best possible education.

Smaller class sizes ensure that each child gets the highest level of attention – and allows teachers to concentrate fully on the individual child, nurturing confidence and developing self-esteem. This also gives staff the unique opportunity to form unparalleled relationships with the children. Creating a level of support is key in making each pupil feel confident to succeed in all academic areas, and significantly strengthens that important link between teacher and parent.

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